Silhouette is a re-imaging of Club Kid from Twisted Metal 3. This version is driven by Jack Powers.

Description Edit

Silhouette is a Mini BMW with a very dark paint job. Overall average, it has some pretty unique attributes.

Stats Edit

(Based on a scale between 1 and 5)

  • Control - 3
  • Speed - 3
  • Armor - 3
  • Special - 3


  • Hell's Reach - Silhouette creates a vortex that can be launched from the back of the car. This vortex stops other vehicles and then can be detonated from a far, but the vortex only lasts for a few seconds and then disappears if no action is taken.
  • Shadow Stalk - A character specific ability, Silhouette can blend into dark areas and shadows allowing for a sneak attack.

Trivia Edit

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